Coder Den loves working on iOS projects. Its the most polished platform out there, and its applications are slick and intuitive. Our experience with Apple comes from having built things from the ground up on almost every occasion.


These days, iOS seems to be the most popular mobile platform to pick first when testing out a new minimum viable product, and its probably because iPhones are everywhere and they are so solid. That doesn’t bother us!


A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, Coder Den got into the world of Android and has been constantly creating a diverse portfolio of applications for the platform. From free apps for personal use, to enterprise email clients, to business marketing & sales related apps, we’ve done it all.


You may not realize it, but Android runs on thousands of different devices out there, with different screen resolutions, and not-always-amazing hardware specs. Coder Den prides itself in making sure our apps look great on all of these devices, and a have a quick, responsive feel… no matter what kind of device the app is running on!


Django – The ‘D’ might be silent, but our work speaks for itself.


Coder Den has developed sites using web architectures like, but not limited to: Rails (Ruby), Codeigniter (php), and Django (python), and also has experience with CMS setups like WordPress and Drupal. Our favorite and most commonly used MVC architecture has been Django for its powerful features. But, every old carpenter knows that choosing the right tool for the job is important, and we always debate the merits of different frameworks before starting, or re-working projects.



One of Coder Den’s specialties is our server design. We have been battle tested in the fire of the real world and have created solutions to problems with many moving parts.


Our background in so many technologies has taught us valuable lessons and we can apply our experience with hard work to come to the best solution.


Nowadays, with the popularity of mobile apps, responsive design is as important as ever. Coder Den can create gorgeous scaling websites for a browser which look just as great when refactored on a small-screen device. Think of mobile optimized sites as cheaper “apps.”


Looking to have one code-base that works on all platforms? Look no further than Cordova (a.k.a. Phone Gap). The platform, originally created by Adobe (now open sourced under the Apache License) allows us to develop one single app (via HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS) and port the code to run natively on all major mobile platforms. This way you can have your app on Google Play and the App Store for the price to build one application.


We recommend this route for anyone looking to make a simple application that does not require many graphical animations, or multiple hardware components.


The best design is the one which you barely notice, because it feels so natural.


Don’t let a good design fool you though, it takes some work! Our engineers and artists understand that to come up with something that feels and looks amazing you must simplify everything to its basics, and then only add elements which stand out as necessary. Simply put, our products feel like you already know how to use them.