Our Mission:


We design and build custom software to fit your needs. Consider us your in-house specialty developers.



Many companies build applications using prebuilt libraries or clunky editors like Apple’s Interface Builder. At Coder Den we use a future proof approach building custom application, always from scratch. If you want full control over your application, and to avoid the headache of using prebuilt development tools, working with us will give you the ability to easily make modifications and updates at any time. Pick a partner who sets you up for long-term success and use-ability of your application.



Our original bread and butter is building custom backends for web applications. We build applications that scale and support thousands of users handling financial management, realtime data feeds and thousands of simultaneous users.

Neural Networks and GPU

We build custom GPU applications to help predict markets, optimize computation for heavy data analysis, and other proprietary solutions. Our team has extensive experience creating neural networks and writing software that utilizes graphics cards (using CUDA) for processing. If you want to learn more about our expertise reach out as we would love to be your partner.


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